Motivation for Project Direction:

Time is interesting. We should value peoples’ time more. We only consider time when we’re busy or in a hurry or need to do something during crunch time. But sometimes, it can be therapeutic to wind down and watch a clock tick away, without the stress of having to get something done before the minute or hour is up.

Versa is a 3-dimensional clock that makes you more mindful of the time you spend doing the things you do.

If you prefer to free up desk space, this clock can be mounted to your wall.

Or it could be mounted above you as a more sculptural, decorative ceiling fixture.

The central shaft holds the second hand, minute hand and hour hand.

second hand – longest and thinnest

minute hand – medium and medium

hour hand – shortest and thickest

Versa is a single matte anodized finish

Batteries, gears and time adjusters are located in the clock base. The base screws on and off for easy accessibility.