PenPost – easy to use pen holder

Motivation for project direction:

The inspiration stemmed from my frustration of the looseness of paper clips, often stowed away at the bottom of pen holders or scattered in drawers. I found current pen holders to be really inconvenient, often resulting in the user dumping out all the holder’s contents whenever a particular smaller tool is needed. I took this as an opportunity to redesign the pen holder for an easy storage and removal solution for stationery.

What is PenPost?

PenPost is your guide to an organized work space.

The inconvenience of finding the stationery I need inspired a design that I thought others would enjoy using in their everyday lives.

Design Aesthetic

I tried to make a very simple, geometric pen holder that retains structural integrity while remaining light and minimal.

Materials Used: PLA Filament

Contemporary stationary holder made from biodegradable 3D printed material – PLA – and produces little to no waste during the production process.



PenPost was created to rethink the way in which stationary is currently stored.

I wanted to design something that would accommodate each stationary item instead of simply throwing them all into a simple cylinder.


I then went over different functional aspects of the design to include things like multiple slots and changes in size/shape.

These are a few of the many prototypes made for this project.