Overwater – marine life pavilion

Another collab with my pal, Krishna Rammohan.

People don’t get to see their favorite sea animals day to day.

We don’t need anymore sea life to be poorly treated in aquariums. We should be able to admire them in their natural habitat.

In the current direction of climate change and ocean pollution, some of us will not get the chance to ever see them.

What if we could see marine life in the sky above us?

It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around the size of these creatures that dwell beneath us.

We chose the setting of the exhibit to be by a park near the water.

The glass is embedded with lidar sensors powered by micro solar cells to track the live movement of observers of the exhibit for an interactive viewing experience.

Our installation simulates aquatic exhibits without removing these animals from their habitats, for a future experience to admire marine life.

As you walk down the hallway, you can read about a few of the species that are currently at risk of survival and could soon be wiped out due to lack of preservation.

This status of risk varies between our three chosen species. The Blue Whale is endangered, the Hawksbill Turtle is critically endangered and the Great White Shark is vulnerable.

Materials Used

Cut and stacked sheets of fortified glass, reinforced by steel plates.

The glass uses OLED technology for less energy consumption as the pixels that are not in use stay transparent.

Exhibit size – 125′ x 25′ x 15′.