Offensive Avocados – engraved fruit

Motivation for Project Direction:

I’ve always been a vegetarian, and over my past 20 years, I gathered up a good number of phrases people have said to me, either rhetorically, jokingly or seriously. Some of them out of true curiosity and concern, but most out of lame satire. Often from the people I love though, so I still keep them around.

What are these avocados?

These avocados are offensive to vegetarians.

The quotes on the avocados are examples of ignorant comments I have personally received as a vegetarian from various types of people in LA.

Broken Patterns?

This gives tourists a negative impression, as opposed to a well-received positive image and remembrance of the city.

I chose something that is not obvious, cliché nor a native object to LA.

Souvenirs generally last, avocados have an expiration date.

This souvenir serves a function – to be eaten.

Interesting Insight

When you have a funny and clever idea, people want to help you because they want to be a part of the fun.

Why avocados?

The avocado is the icon of to consumers and observers of LA’s plant diet lifestyle.

Materials Used


I used a laser cutter to raster the avocados.

Examples of Phrases

“You can just pick the meat off right?”
“Artificial meat will never taste like real meat.”
“I read that you guys have lower sperm count.”
“Plants are living too, so you’re just as bad as us.”
“I really love meat though, I can’t do what you do.”
“But humans are supposed to eat meat though.”
“I’m gonna feed you chicken and you’ll love it.”
“What does a meatless burrito taste like?”
“Where do you get your protein from?”