Filling Spaces – bleacher blocks

In collaboration with my pal, Krishna Rammohan.

The original inspiration came from a lack of bleachers at our school’s basketball court. My buddy and I thought of making modular block-style bleachers to invoke child-like feelings of building that could mesh with a fitting environment such as our school’s sculpture garden.

These blocks are utilitarian landscape accessories for students to play with and move to their liking and comfort.

To keep the blocks simple, we made unit cubes that are 16” x 16” x 16”.

We constructed a total of 14 units, in the form of 5 cubes, 3 rectangular prisms (made from 2 cubes) and 1 L-shaped block (made from 3 cubes).

We created the blocks with the intention of having a permanent collection of modular outdoor seating, ready for the students at all times.

The blocks were designed to be used with creativity and energy, simulating the atmosphere of a playground.

Here’s Krishna hopping from block to block.

We made the blocks using 1/2″ thick sheets of oriented strand board (OSB). We assembled our cut sheets of OSB using a pneumatic nail gun and reinforced our larger blocks from the inside using a lamination method. We also used waterproof sealant to prevent erosion and leakage.